Friday, October 17, 2008

Secret Secret

It is coming to the time of year when the knitting is dedicated to Christmas gifts. Which presents somewhat of a dilemna. I am still debating whether or not I will post on the gifts I am making or just keep things pretty vague. You know, blurred or up close pictures that are not recognizable. But what fun is that?

This is my knitting blog after all. And I am not a big fan of knitting blogs with no pictures. Even if you are an excellent writer, I still want to see what you're making!

I will be making things for the craft fair of November 15th so I could post those items. Which reminds me, I should probably start on some stuff.

I'm sure I'll decide eventually but here are some pictures from Laramie's surrounding areas for your enjoyment.

These were take at Vedawoo...just outside of town. A windy but beautiful day.

I call this one Knitting with Boulder, also at Vedawoo.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A knitting break...I mean a blogging break

As I sit studying the therapeutic implications for the rural/urban family, I can't help but thinking: I would much rather be knitting. So, instead, I will practice my typing skills by writing about knitting.

This is my break. It will be limited to about 10 minutes. Then I must finish that outline...or at least 1/2 of it. Or maybe it's good enough right now? Just turn it in?

As I ponder that...think about this:

I finished the baseball tee! Well, actually I finished it a few weeks ago but since today is the day it will be given to the owner's mother, I thought I should post it.

The pieces...

I messed up on that seam but no one will notice except for me, right?

I love these buttons! I know it's a "baseball tee" but the parents of this one are much bigger football I had to let go of my own bias and use what they would like.

The finished product:

Monday, October 6, 2008

In-Class Knitting: Sanity Saver!

I am taking a much needed day off today. I plan on doing nothing but knitting and heading outside to enjoy the Laramie fall weather....

Because, frankly, it's beautiful right now; A little windy, but that's why fall doesn't last long around here and I should get out and enjoy it while I can, right?

This weekend was another jam-packed, fun-filled, social work weekend. Which means I am quite exhausted. Last week at work was pretty rough too I've decided to decompress.

I finished this scarf for Josh...modeled by Dan. I really am not a fan of scarf knitting but Josh has been asking for over a year now. He wore it for our entire 8 hour class, so he must like it, or maybe he was just indulging me. Either way, I was elated to finish it!

This one is in 2X2 ribbing with Lamb's Pride worsted weight in the closest to "baby blue (as requested by Josh)" that I could find, which wasn't very close but whatever....

I am still working on the baby blanket. I actually made a lot of progress this weekend and hope to finish it today.

Scarves and blankets are kind of the same for me: boring. But they are great for what I will refer to as lecture knitting because they require little concentration and allow for premium listening. At least 2 other knitters/crocheters joined me for lecture knitting this weekend.

Maybe by graduation we'll all be in-class knitting certainly keeps me sane, which has not been exactly easy this semester. I truly would be lost without my needles and yarn.