Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crunch Time

Sometime in October I decided that I would not go crazy and knit gifts for everyone this year. I had made a few pairs of mittens here and there for friends and that was going to be all I did. It was a nice thought.
Today I found myself in the kitchen knitting (and cooking) another pair of mittens and telling myself that I could squeeze in one more pair along with a hat all before tomorrow.
It is now 12 noon (and I'm on the computer which makes it difficult to knit) and I still think I can do this, along with the last minute shopping, packing, and cleaning we need to do before we head to C-town for 9 DAYS!

I did, however, finish this gift for my mom. I love it! The yarn is Silk Mountain by Noro. It is a boucle, which is not fun to knit with and the reason that I "banned" this sweater for quite awhile (I think I started it in October and just now finished it). However, it turned into a lovely sweater that I hope my mom enjoys.
Yes, that is Dan modeling a woman's cardigan. Pattern (roughly) from Creative Knitting. I didn't use the suggested yarn or color and had to make maaaaany adjustments. But for my first adult sweater, I think it turned out pretty great. At least it looks good on Dan.
I also decided to knit all the little munchkins gifts that are some variation of the following combo. Soft, warm, and durable. I came up with the mitten pattern out of my head so I hope they fit and don't get immediatley lost (that may be wishful thinking). The hat is 2X2 ribbing on size 7's to head measurements. All in Lamb's Pride worsted weight wool/mohair.

And I continue to make socks. This is my 3rd pair and I've started a pair for Dan. Which is on hold until I finish up my 1 1/4 pair of mittens and another hat before tomorrow. I think Dan is on to me. I always put his projects aside...but I will finish those slippers and the socks over the break, mark my words!

On a non-knitting note... here are a few pictures of our house for our first Christmas (married)...and my hand at baking cookies (that didn't come in a tube) for the first time.