Saturday, January 17, 2009

Maybe This is Possible

Two projects down on that list mentioned in the last post.

A wild baby blanket. If you knew the parents you would agree this is perfect for their new daughter.

And a cozy shawl for my Grandmother.
I even started working on that black sock for Dan. What else did I have to do while I sat in the midst of my first 7 hour custody trial? Apparently observing court will be part of my practicum. This is intense stuff and the knitting definitely took off some of the edge.
Did I mention this...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out with the Old...

This week was my first week not working at the treatment facility in four years. It is a welcomed change. I am currently embarking on a four month hiatus from my job, not necessarily by choice but because it is required for me to receive my master's. I hope to return in June in a new/different position but for now...

I am currently working in the Agriculture Department at UW (yeah, that's right) under the counselor for the department So far, it is quite slow. This is FINE with me. I will also be working, some evenings, with the Drug Court Program here in Laramie. Along with these duties I will be writing my final paper (a non-thesis, thesis. Yes, that's weird)

Part of that non-thesis thesis will be conducting a knitting club with the kids in treatment. I am trying to "prove" (in some ways) that knitting has a positive effect on mood in children with behavioral problems. It should be really fun and hopefully give me the results I want. We'll see.

On the knitting front:

2 baby blankets on the needles, 1 almost finished the other just started.
1 prayer shawl on the needles, almost finished.
1 black sock for Dan, just started and neglected for the past 3 weeks. (one sock is done so...)
1 prayer shawl, still just a ball of yarn
1 baby blanket, yarn not yet purchased (what are some good boy color combos that are not blue or yellow or green???)

1 pair of slippers for Dan...FINISHED! but in need of a hot bath (okay, so not really finished yet)

I really want to finish all of these in the next 3-4 weeks but that may be impossible.

I also am feeling inspired to start designing my own clothes. Yep, crazy. I have barely made any real clothing items so I think I should hold off and maybe use someone else's patterns for awhile.

Here are some of my inspirations, just in case you're wondering:

Norah Gaughan
Kate Gilbert

Both brilliant designers if you ask me...I can't look at their designs without wanting to knit them and wear them.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

So far, 2009 has been wonderful. I am fortunate enough to be on a break from both school and work and have been trying to soak up every second. Dan and I returned from a great visit to Casper and are enjoying our time off together (something that rarely happens). This time has consisted of staying up very late, sleeping in, watching the various DVD's we gave each other for Christmas (including Old School Sesame Street and the Original Star Trek), and, of course, knitting (both of us actually, yes, my husband is a knitter).

I tried to "not go crazy" on the knitted gifts this Christmas but did end up giving quite a few hand made items as presents. Here are some of the recipients...

I am most proud of the sweater that I made for my Mom. It fits her perfectly and she really likes it!

I was glad to get a good picture of at least one of the two-year-olds wearing their hat and mitten set. I got lucky with this picture of my niece Katherine. And the one of my nephew Cody, well, at least he tried it on for 2 seconds.

I had to show a picture of the two of them together. I think it is a little unusual to have a niece and a nephew from different sides of the family, who are the same age, and who actually know and play with each other. It is a nice blessing for Dan and I.
My 9 month old niece, Alissa, was much more cooperative with the picture taking.

Now my focus has turned to the UFO's (unfinished objects) that I have promised Dan. I almost completely finished the slippers yesterday and then ran out of yarn. I am also almost done with one of his socks. I also started a new baby blanket for a friend (this is one of three that I want to make before the end of March...all 3 of these babies are due within 2 weeks of each other!) I am also working on two prayer shawls, one for a friend and one for my grandmother.

Needless to say, the knitting continues...