Monday, June 27, 2011

The New Shopping Trip and THE END...

It makes me very happy to have a counter full of produce after shopping. We ate fairly well or maybe I should say I shopped fairly well before we made the change. But I have to admit, I ate hardly any of the fresh things we purchased. Maybe a banana or two a week, a handful of grapes here and there, or some tomatoes with dinner. My go to was always processed and pre-packaged foods especially chocolate and crackers. What a meal!

In the last 21 days I've expanded my culinary skills and added many recipes to my repertoire. I feel like I was a decent cook before but now things have really opened up for me. Salads have been at the center of our meals and they didn't get boring. We actually wanted them at most of our meals...weird! Or maybe not.

I know that before the last three weeks I would crave sugary foods...I mean yearn for them, cake, chocolate, cookies, white chocolate mochas. It really hit home for me that simple sugars are addictive, as in a drug, when a giant chocolate cake showed it's delicious face at a reception over the weekend and I didn't have that old craving. At all. I'm not going to say that I wouldn't have enjoyed eating it. I'm sure I would have. But that gnawing "you have to eat that cake now!" feeling was not there. And that felt great. (Hello, my name is Erika. I'm a sugar addict :)....) Once I finally gave myself the opportunity, my body has started wanting what it needs...

For example:

Mostly SALAD loaded with veggies and a bit of spice, olive oil, salt and nuts. Fresh farmer's market asparagus (lightly sauteed) and quinoa mixed with garbanzo beans, carrots and peas as a side.
GREEN JUICE! Served in wine glasses, of course.

The little guy likes his veggie-apple-smoothies too...This is a great way to get him to eat his veggies...and a lot of them!

So, at the "end" of this challenge what will I take away?

1. This isn't the end...but the beginning.
2. I've learned SO much about nutrition and I want to tell everyone!
3. I feel REALLY good, pretty much EVERYday.
4. I don't think I can justify eating dairy products ever again (more on that later)
5. I wish I had prayed/meditated/journaled more during the challenge (that was one part of the "cleanse") but I can get on that now.
6. I am more in tune with my husband and child...more patient, understanding, compassionate with them or at least I'm trying to be and succeeding most of the time.
7. I can hear my body talking and know how to kindly respond
8. My teeth are whiter!
9. No more simple sugar for me.
10. Lemons are amazing
11. I haven't decided if I'll eat meat again...and that's okay. I know I'll drink wine again!
12. Trips to the grocery store involve about 3 aisles.
13. On that note, I wish my town had Whole Foods...wait that's not very, I joined Azure Standard so I can purchase some of the expensive things in bulk and save a bit.
14. I'm excited to see my body changing without much effort :)
15. I have a pile of books about PH, wellness, nutrition and veganism that I get to read all summer long.
16. I'm hungry and not craving crackers or chocolate...
17. I love our farmer's market. It starts in 1 hour and 20 minutes!
18. The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone (yes, that one :)) is great!
19. I love playing in the sprinkler with my 16 month old...
20. Honey is a simple sugar...never knew that before.
21. I'm thankful that my husband and I were able to do this together and reap all the benefits together...

There. 21 things I learned/am thankful for in the last 21 days. More to come!

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